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**シナリオ [#za9be20b]
-J147 Into The Grinding Mill (Chinese vs Japanese, 12 September, 1937)
-J148 Last Minute War (Hungarians vs Slovakians, 24 March 1939)
-J149 Taking A Stand At Rosario (Americans vs Japanese, 22 December 1941)
-J150 The Sangshak Redemption (British vs Japanese, 26 March 1944)
-J151 Squeeze Play (Japanese vs British, 25 May 1944)
-J152 Messenger Boys (German vs British, 2 August 1944)
-J153 Dawn’s Early Light (American vs German, 7 August 1944)
-J154 Cradle To Grave (American/FFI vs German, 1 September 1944)
-J155 It’s Hardly Fair (Americans vs Germans, 20 September 1944)
-J156 Mageret Mixer (Germans vs Americans, 19 December 1944)
-J157 Rage Against The Machine (Germans vs Russians, 21 December 1944)
-J158 It Don’t Come Easy (Americans vs Germans, 15 January 1945)
-J159 Tropic Lightning (Japanese vs Americans, 24 January 1945)
-J160 Bienen Burnout (Germans vs Canadians, 25 March 1945)
-VotG25 Urban Nightmare (Germans vs Russians, 28 September 1942)
-FB18 Red Banner Days (Germans/Hungarians vs Russians, 26 January 1945)

#navi(ASL Journal Index)

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