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-J161 Riding To The Rescue (German vs British, 24 May 1940)
-J162 African Brothers (British vs Italian, 10 July 1940)
-J163 Aiding The Local Constabulary (Italian/South African vs Mutineer, 29 March 1941)
-J164 Aiding The Local Constabulary (Italian vs South African vs Mutineer, 29 March 1941) *This is a 3-player version of J163.
-J165 Among The Dead (Greek/New Zealand vs German, 26 May 1941)
-J166 Maximum Aggression (British vs Japanese, 19 December 1941)
-J167 Hart Attack (German vs British/American, 28 November 1942)
-J168 Katyusha's Embrace (Romanian/German vs Russian, 8 August 1943)
-J169 Few And Far Between (German vs Russian, 30 August 1943)
-J170 Red Churchills (Finnish vs Russian, 20 June 1944)
-J171 Whom Gods Destroy (EDES vs German vs ELAS, 14 August 1944) *This is a 3-player scenario.
-J172 Ramcke's Redoubt (German vs American, 16 September 1944)
-J173 Assault On Baerendorf (German vs American, 24 November 1944)
-J174 Heart Of Athena (Partisan vs British, 7 December 1944)
-J175 Bedburg Bite (German vs Canadian, 16 February 1945)
-J176 Deadly Assumption (American vs German, 4 March 1945)
-J177 Coup De Main At Hamminkeln (German vs British, 24 March 1945)
-J178 Old Friends (German vs American, 26 March 1945)
-J179 Resignation Supermen (American vs German, 10 April 1945)
-J180 The Hour Zero (SS vs British/German, 8 May 1945)
-J181 The Deadly Line (Japanese vs Russian, 13 August 1945)
-FB19 War Brotherhood (Russian vs Hungarian/German, 25 January 1945)
-HS33 Down On The Farm (German vs Canadian, 19 February 1945)
-VotG26 Bad Day For The Luftwaffe (Russian vs German, 20 September 1942)
-VotG27 Drama, The Park, And Deadly Things (Russian vs German, 23 September 1942)
-Squad Bleeder 4 Dismantling 1st DCR (German vs French, 15 May 1940)
-Squad Bleeder 5 Stampede Of The Wild Buffaloes (German vs American, 17-19 September 1944)
-Squad Bleeder 6 Eviscerating Vienna (German vs Russian, 8 April 1945)

#navi(ASL Journal Index)

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