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-J194 A Real War (Japanese vs Chinese, 20 August 1937)
-J195 Such Faith (Albanian vs Italian, 7 April 1939)
-J196 Blood Amongst the Pines (Russian vs Finnish, 24 February 1940)
-J197 Death on The French Coast (French vs German, 24 May 1940)
-J198 The Valley of Glory (German vs Russian, 8 July 1941)
-J199 Too Rapid an Advance (German vs Russian, 8 September 1941)
-J200 One Story Town (Russian vs Finnish, 30 September 1941)
-J201 Careless at Bakri (Commonwealth vs Japanese, 18 January 1942)
-J202 Down by The River (Russian vs German, 20 April 1942)
-J203 Death at The Cement Plant (Russian vs German, 11 September 1942)
-J204 Raff's Army (American vs Italian, 23 November 1942)
-J205 Goats To Lure The Tiger (Free French vs Axis, 30 January 1943)
-J206 Collect Call (Axis vs Partisan, 25 May 1944)
-J207 Unhorsed (German vs American, 7 July 1944)
-J208 Panzerpioniere! (Americans vs Germans, 10 August 1944)
-J209 Corking the Chambois Bottle (Allied vs German, 20 August 1944)
-J210 Moment of Truth (Slovak vs German, 20 September 1944)
-J211 Breakthrough in The Arctic (German vs Russian, 25 October 1944)
-J212 Shoulder to Shoulder (American vs German, 19 December 1944)
-J213 A Fluid Situation (Russian vs German, 4 March 1945)
-J214 Raff's Orders (German vs American, 24 March 1945)
-J215 Expendable Allies (Pole vs German, 26 April 1945)
-J216 First Action at Jinju (South Korean vs Communist Guerilla, 27 October 1949)
-J217 Dead Battery (UN vs North Korean, 14 July 1950)
-J218 A Promotion Fight (South Korean vs North Korean, 3 August 1950)
-J219 Back in the Saddle (North Korean vs American, 10 August 1950)
-J220 Battle of The Barricades (North Korean vs American, 26 September 1950)
-J221 Hill 1277 (Communist Chinese vs British, 29 November 1950)
-J222 Den Ouden Holds the Line (OUNC vs Communist Chinese, 12 February 1951)
-PK1 Down Number Two Road (Japanese vs American, 19 March 1944)
-PK2 Reckless Raid (Romanian vs German, 24 August 1944)
-PK3 Hot Toddy (Allied vs German, 5 October 1944)
-PK4 Forest Brothers (Partisan vs Russian, 17 May 1945)

#navi(ASL Journal Index)

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