///#16 The Sicily Campaign July-August 1943.  ( 3.5 miles per hex and two turns per week )

-Operational Matters: An OCS Guide w/ Sicily II.

*シナリオ [#z8bbc0cf]
||CENTER:Name|Map Area|Game Length|First Turn|Last Turn|h
|1|Western Sicily|West of 31.xx|3|17 July 43|24 July 43|
|2|Gela Counterattack|East of 38.xx and west of 45.xx|1/2|10 July 43|10 July 43|
|3|Primosole Bridge|East of 49.xx and south of xx.20|2|14 July 43|17 July 43|
|4|Driving to Messina|All|12|24 July 43|31 Aug 43|
|5|Operation Husky|All|16|10 July 43|31 Aug 43|
|6|Triumph & Folly|All|16|10 July 43|31 Aug 43|

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-[[Operational Combat Series]]

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